My 7-month old's reflux and eczema had gone from bad to worse. Our pediatrician was even at a loss as of what to do next to get her comfortable again. Jeanne knew what to do. My daughter was eating better within just a few days and within two weeks, the skin on her face and body was completely clear. Her advice and guidance changed everything for us. Our baby girl was back to being happy and feeling great, and so were we. I will forever be in debt to Jeanne for her clear thinking, gentle guidance and wisdom.
-L. Baldwin

I had tried to eliminate dairy and figure out my child's other food sensitivities on my own and ended up completely overwhelmed.  I wanted a nutritionist who specialized in pediatric nutrition to guide us through the process in a sane and safe way.  From the first phone call, Jeanne truly took her time to listen, answer questions, and ask questions about our son's situation.  She put together a comprehensive LEAP plan that made sense for a child and had lots of suggestions for recipes and substitutions that our son found very delicious. When he started having some unusual problems, Jeanne spent a considerable amount of time coming up with different strategies to try and continuously supporting us with whatever we needed.  She goes way above and beyond in keeping in touch and is incredibly empathetic, encouraging, thorough, and knowledgeable!  With Jeanne, you get a nutritionist you can trust whose entire focus is on the well-being of her clients.
-M. Christel

Working as a pediatric nurse consultant, I have used Jeanne with several of my families who have had a range of issues-from "difficult eaters", food allergies, to babies and toddlers under the growth curve.  She has a wealth of knowledge to share and has always presented it in a simple, straight-forward manner for parents to understand easily. As a friend, I also know that Jeanne just doesn't "teach nutrition" but she lives it.  Her family is by far, the most nutritious one I know...she practices what she "preaches".
-M. Tucker (Moms On Call)(momsoncall.com)

It has been a pleasure working with Jeanne.  Her helpful tips, new ideas, and encouragement have helped our son receive the proper balanced nutrition he needs to thrive.  He is staying well and has more energy.  As a busy mother of four children, I am thankful for her positive impact on our entire family's wellness.                        
-M. McKinnon

Yesterday my daughter came home from school and had a piece of brownie, but then said Mom I need a healthy snack. She is a great eater but has a real sweet tooth so for her to put down the brownie and ask for a healthy snack left me speechless.  I sat with her as she ate and we talked about her choice I was very impressed with her knowledge then she said - Mrs McDaniel taught us that in school today.  Love, love, love it - now can you come over and talk to my son and I about our food choices : )
-A. McCormack

After having three children, Jeanne helped me lose my baby weight by providing the motivation, knowledge, and awareness I needed to achieve my goal.
-R. Faulk
I would highly recommend Jeanne, the recipes and supplement ideas she gave me to help my son gain weight were excellent. She really goes above and beyond.
- W. Book

Thank you for taking the time to speak to my child's class- you made a big impact on my 3rd grader today.  It came up in several conversations today and she is reading nutrition labels. It is so nice when they hear it from someone other than MOM!
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