NutriBlast Kids Tips

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  • Pick one new activity (jump rope, hula hoop, crab walk, sit-ups, etc) and do it everyday this week for a few minutes. By trying something new for 7 days in a row it starts to become a habit...before you know it you will have many fun new activities to do everyday!
  • Try out a new fitness app. There are some great short workouts (like the 7 Minute Workout App) as well as a few apps specifically for kids (like Workout in a Bag for Kids). These are helpful because they are easy to follow along and you can do them just about anywhere!

  • Pick one new fruit or vegetable to try this week and try it in 2 or 3 different ways. Sometimes you may like a food prepared one way (say raw but not cooked) or along with another food (carrots and peas together instead of just carrots alone.) Remember it takes 20 times sometimes to like a new food so keep trying!
  • Choose smaller plates and bowls when serving food. This tricks your mind into thinking you have a lot more food on your plate. For kids it is great to give them a divided plate and teach them how to make half their plates fruits and vegetables at every meal!

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