Food Sensitivity Testing

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Medical Research has shown that sensitivities to foods and food-chemicals can be at the root of many chronic health and behavioral problems.

There are 3 categories of diet-induced inflammatory reactions: Food Allergy, Food-Induced Autoimmune Disease, and Food Sensitivities. Of the 3, food sensitivities are the most prevalent. Food and food-chemical sensitivities remain one of the most under addressed areas of conventional medicine.

3 types of reactions

Food and food-chemical sensitivities have clinical characteristics that make it very challenging to identify trigger foods. For example, symptom manifestation may be delayed by many hours after ingestion; reactions may be dose dependent; because of a breakdown of oral tolerance mechanisms, there are often many reactive foods and food-chemicals; even so-called anti-inflammatory foods, such as salmon, parsley, turmeric, ginger, blueberry, and any “healthy” food can be reactive.


Find out if your health problems are caused by food will change your life!

For more information regarding the LEAP Program for food sensitivities call Jeanne at 404-725-7101.

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The LEAP Program is a highly effective Disease Management Program that combines patented blood testing technology with customized software, experience & know-how, to provide patients and physicians a complete method of managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, migraines, fibromyalgia, eczema, and other health problems. Source:
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